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pipe insulation is easy to install to help prevent pipes from freezing

6 ways to keep your pipes from freezing during winter

What pipes are most vulnerable to freezing? Exterior pipes that are exposed directly to colder temperatures Pipes in an exterior wall of the home Pipes in a crawl space, garage or attic 6 ways to keep your pipes from freezing Keep the heat on If you have a situation where you aren’t using part of […]
avoid rot on your siding with a proper roof overhang

How to prevent wood rot on the siding of your home

What are some common causes of wood rot on siding and how can you prevent them? We are going to take a look at how your roof and vegetation could be causing wood rot on your home. Wood rot can occur on the outside your home Today we are looking at a shed we restored […]
New bathroom

Home inspection report indicates a possible bathroom subfloor issue

The importance of a home inspection A home inspection will give you a full picture of the condition of the home before you purchase it. A property inspection report is very detailed and may feel overwhelming to read. Not only will the inspector point out current problems, they can also identify things that may become […]
Bathroom Remodel Elevation Construction General Contractor in Seattle WA

The importance of hiring licensed workers for a home remodel

Elevation Construction brings an investor’s mindset to every project. Having owned and managed rental properties for years, we bring our experience and knowledge of property management to all our projects when working with investors. In the video, Chris walks you through a small insurance project they are working on for a client while discussing the […]